Virtus.Pro continue their roll taking championship title in Mr. Cat Invitational Europe

Virtus.Pro have continued to come out ahead as they edge out Team Empire 2:1 and take the championship title for Mr. Cat Invitaitonal Europe
Virtus.Pro were invited to the second stage of Mr. Cat Invitational Europe — placing them into the semi finals of Stage 2 right away. Their first opponents were Team Empire, who had taken an invite to the first stage and had taken a loss out of the gate to NiP. All was not lost as Team Empire redeemed themselves with a flawless run through the lower brackets to cinch the second slot in Stage 2.
Still on course from their previous journey in the brackets, Team Empire overpowered Virtus.Pro 2:1 and then upset Team Secret in a tidy 2:0 sweep to become the first grand finalists to many fans surprise.
Virtus.Pro’s trip to the lower brackets forced them into a double header only yesterday. After going head to head with Prodota Gaming for a 2:1 victory, they took on Team Secret knocking them out of contention with a 2:0 sweep. Set to face Team Empire once again, VP were ready to rumble.
One loss flanked by two overwhelmingly convincing victories was all that was needed for Virtus.Pro to take the title and the $25,000 prize.

Last month we recommended that fans keep an eye on Virtus.Pro going into the Kiev Major, and we haven’t stopped watching them and their stand out peformances since.
The CIS team has been sizzling hot since the new roster led by Alexey ‘Solo’ Berezin was revealed early August — ahead of the post-TI6 reshuffle. VP took their first title for the new season in BTS EU series #4, and quickly rose to the top of the pack as one of the most fearsome opponents. Following that first title, they continued by snatching up every qualifier spot they set their sights on. With their place reserved in The Summit 6, Dota Pit League Season 5, The Boston Major, and ESL One Genting 2017 they were booked up for a busy and ultimately successful season nonetheless.
They then took second place at DreamLeague Season 6 and another championship title – at The Summit 6. They had a strong showing and took 5-8th place at The Boston Major to round out their successful year. Heading into 2017, they took 3-4th at ESL One Genting, 5-6th in Dota Pit Season 5.
And then came The Kiev Major qualifiers. Virtus.Pro emerged unscathed and overwhelmingly the top contenders. After a 3:0 record in the Kiev Major main event group stages the CIS team became the Chinese slayers of the Kiev Major. Sweeping through iG. Vitality in the first round, they then overpowered VGJ in the quarter finals and then destroyed iG in the semi finals. Local fans were elated when in a tidy and surprising 2:0 sweep, Virtus.Pro claimed the first slot in the Grand Finals after knocking Invictus Gaming out cold. And just when everyone thought it couldn’t get better, the CIS team pushed the four time Major winners — OG to the limits, forcing miraculous and riveting five game grand finals series to close it all out. A second place consolation for Virtus.Pro was more than deserving.

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